Staying Afloat & Giving Back

As a business owner it has been an interesting year to say the least. Personally and professionally I have had to adjust, slow down, reflect and stay positive. Thankfully my team and I made some good choices early in the year which led to steady business and no lay offs. For this I am grateful.

Since March we have placed 16 people and have another 4 in the pipeline with offers pending. We haven’t stopped networking, calling and offering our services across the US during the year.

As I was stuck at home with the rest of the world, I had more time to reflect and figure out what I can do with my knowledge, skills and network. I wanted to give back and help as many people find new opportunities. Hoping to put thoughtful energy out there and spread GOOD KARMA. With the record numbers of people unemployed I knew I needed to do something to help. Out of this desire KARMA CAREERS was born.

Karma Careers is a social site designed for people to find careers with those of similar interests, passions and most importantly who love what they do. Having more control of career searching with easier to navigate information is key. Job searchers and employers can experience opportuni-ties and candidates they otherwise would not have known about in geographical locations. The in-teractive geographic map allows people to explore the exact location of the company. How cool is that! We want people to be able to visualize where a company is on a map for ease of lifestyle, commute and preferences.

Those seeking careers with companies who match their personal lifestyles and passions can explore opportunities for employment on our easy to use platform. Seekers can build a profile and con-nect it to social media sites while highlighting hobbies and interests. You can stand out from the crowd by sharing passions like hiking, stand up paddle board, yoga, dog rescue or bee keeping. Connecting with people who love their careers and whose culture best matches yours is a desire I hear from my network often.

Whether you are an accountant or a chemist, personalities vary which create diverse cultures with-in companies. Keys to success are making sure personalities mend well or else the culture will clash, and no one wants to be in a bad work environment. Especially now it is important to sur-round yourself with like minded people who thrive at work and life. Your next hire or job could be right under your nose and you would have never found it without having using KARMA CAREERS.

It is my passion and desire to help people get back to work. Please message me with questions, feedback or just to say hi. Stay tuned for our site launch over the next few days.

Stay safe & well everyone. - Mike

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