Our Satisfied Clients brag about us

Susan J. – Operation Manager

“You guys worked hard to make this happen, and I appreciate the time and effort you put into the process. I am very excited that you felt I was a good match for the position. So thank you, for everything you have done.”

“Finding someone who can relate to your work experiences and really understands your needs is hard to find. Most people I have encountered in the past are just doing a job and it shows. The staff at Micone truly care about the individual and take time to connect.”

Lillian Myrie

“The value that Micone Staffing has brought to us has been really solid.”

“The resources they provide, in terms of staffing are top notch.”

“It’s a barometer to which I hold all other agencies accountable.”

“When I see a company that does similar things it’s refreshing.”

– Brett Biebel, Director of Talent, Aristocrat Technologies